Michael Cashmore – The Night Has Rushed In (HOM 026)

Cloud sparked and star fed, Michael Cashmore’s The Night Has Rushed In is a soundtrack and soundscape where each note surprises, as if elevating the ear. This eleven-piece suite of challenging and enchanting electronica fuses moments of sublime chillout with those of near anthemic inspiration. Piano and percussion align with a synthesised chorus as this unique voice heard through fingers sings to the soul, sea and sky. As the powers within rise and shift, this music masters the forces formed deep within us. Listening becomes evolution and transportation too. Each sound flies.

“With every album I make, I have always wished it to be my Greatest Work ever. Through this album, The Night Has Rushed In, I believe I have definitely achieved this aim. And I am Continuing in that Work. I have sought in this album, and through this album, to use Divine Audio Frequencies in Instinctive, Mystical, Ways, Connected to All of the Sciences to try and reach a Higher State of Consciousness through Personal Transformation. I then Instinctively Alter these Frequencies to Transform them into some New Reality, which allows me to Transform my Consciousness. I was Searching for Divine Love, The Sun, and for Home—and I Found Them All. This Work is an ongoing Documentation of my Personal Transformation. With The Night Has Rushed In I believe I have definitely achieved this aim. This Work was created Instinctively, Chaotically, Wildly, without Direction or Control, from applying Self-Taught Techniques to reach a Higher level of Consciousness. I made this album. I did not make this album.”